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  • "How is your service different?
    We are the first and only licensed Sino-Japanese Beauty Salon in Philly. Any design you see online, we can handle. We also carefully select our products from Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore and United States, only to provide the best service in Philly.
  • "How can I make an appointment?"
    We only take online appointment through the booking link. Walk in is available sometimes, feel free to ask ahead to see if there is an open spot.
  • "When making an appointment, the system asks me to put in my card info. Would I be charged anything?"
    No, you won't be charged anything unless you break the NO-SHOW POLICY. Keeping your card info is just a way that the booking system protects our interest.
  • "How can I book a party for two or more at the same time?"
    Our online booking system on Square does not allow you to select multi-people at the same time. Each person would have to book individually. If you and your friends can't book the same time period, you can always call in or text and we will see what we can do.
  • "How do I know if I pick all the correct service items I need?"
    You are always welcome to consult ahead. And you can send us the picture of your ideal design ahead so we can better arrange your service item & period.
  • "Do you do Dipping powder or Acrylic or Regular Polish?"
    No, we do not do dipping powder or Acrylic. They are very outdated technologies and are already abandoned for years in Asia. Dipping powder and Acrylic are smelly and they are bad for your nail health. We only do Gels, and they provide more natural, lighter and better results on hands.
  • "Do you do Regular Polish?"
    Regular Polish is also a very outdated technology with many downsides. It is not long-lasting; it smells funny, & it takes much longer time to dry out. On the other hand, the Gels we use is really better as it lasts longer, looks more natural and leaves no fingerprints & scratches.
  • "Why so lengthy and expensive?"
    If you know the products we use, and the effort we put in our works, our services are truly not expensive comparing to other stores. We take nail art seriously and keep trying to provide the best to our customers.
  • "What would happen if I need to be late?"
    Please always inform ahead if you are running late. Our work schedule is pretty packed and there is normally no gap time between customers. Any lateness more than 15 mins without notice will result in a $30 penalty.
  • "What would happen if I need to reschedule?"
    NO-SHOW POLICY: All the cancellation or change of time should be notified 24 hours ahead. Otherwise you will be fined $30.
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