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pedicure, toe art

Toe Art

$ 59 + / 1 hr 30 min

Toe Art ONLY — $59. Dry pedicure with no water washing and scrubbing.


Regular Pedi — $ 69. Warm foot soak with sea salt, including clipping & shaping of the nails, cuticles cleaning, foot and leg scrubbing with relaxing massage, high quality moisturizer. One or two Gel-color toe art included.  


Lemon Pedi — $79. Employ special lemon mud & real lemons for refreshing & moisturizing leg muscles. 10 min relaxing massage included.


Luxurious Pedi — $89. Employ dedicated & best quality Spa treatments kit. The plant essence contained in the kit can quickly whiten and clean the skin, also making skin smooth and refreshing. Plenty of favors are available including: Shea Butter, Olive, Green Tea, Chocolate milk, Pearl, Blueberries, Lavanda, Cranberry, Bamboo Charcoal. 15 min relaxing massage with hot stones included.

Please Note:

Always text before if you want to do a relatively complicated design.

All the listed prices are not final prices.

Final Prices depend on your specific design.

All the listed prices do not include gratuities.

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